Ramakrishna Vaddempudi – Football Fanatic

Ramakrishna Vaddempudi is a professional software developer and tester who has dedicated himself to his craft, excelling in all facets of his career. What many don’t know about Vaddempudi is that he is also an avid follower of many sports, and among his favorite is the American past time of football. Though Vaddempudi was born in India, and many would expect him to follow the more common sports of the region like soccer, Vaddempudi says that when he moved to the states to attend college, he simply fell in love with the game of football, especially the professional league. Vaddempudi enjoys many sports, but says that few are as entertaining and fast paced as American football. Vaddempudi says that he also loves how spirited and competitive the players are, as they exhibit the same level of passion and commitment for their careers as Vaddempudi does in his own. Vaddempudi says that many of his siblings enjoy the game as well, allowing for many get together that revolve around the game. Though many of Vaddempudi’s brothers and sisters do not root for the same team, just being able to enjoy each other’s company around the television is more than enough for him. Not to mention it makes things more interesting when sibling rivalries erupt during the game.

Ramakrishna Vaddempudi says that American football is a perfect embodiment of the nation itself, one driven by competition and drive for success. Vaddempudi says that each teams performance is usually based on how dedicated they are, and how much more they want to win than their opponent. This is what drives teams to greatness, which is what Vaddempudi loves to watch happen from the comfort of his living room, munching on his favorite snacks in the company of friends and family.


Ramakrishna Vaddempudi – In The Works

Ramakrishna Vaddempudi is a professional software developer who has spent the last few years immersing himself in many innovative and exciting projects that he and his colleagues believe will change the future as we know it. Vaddempudi often grins when people begin to inquire as to just what it is he is working on. Though he cannot openly divulge this information due to privacy policies of his company, he loves the fact that the industry is generating so much interest from the public. Vaddempudi says that it is remarkable to him that everyone is so socially conscientious these days, and that it seems so drastically different from only a decade or so ago, when computer programming and everything that came with it was a strange and alien thing that only a very select few understood. Vaddempudi says that since then the field has evolved, as has the demographic interested in it. Now everyone knows at least something about computers, and everyone values them, from independent business owners, to home owners, to mega corporations. Everyone knows that the future of the world revolves around the processing power of computers, and all of the software that makes them function, which is why everyone has all of a sudden become so inquisitive and interested in what Vaddempudi and his team has in the works for the future.

Ramakrishna Vaddempudi says that some day companies will be capable of divulging the full breadth of their work to the public, but for now there are simply too many that would seek to destroy the software, or debunk it, slander reputation or perhaps even use the software for malicious purposes. It is for that reason that his work has to be kept classified, but Vaddempudi hopes that some day it can be more open source, and available to the public for improvement.


Ramakrishna Vaddempudi – Hard Times

Ramakrishna Vaddempudi was not always the professional software developer and tester that he is today. There was a time in Vaddempudi’s life where every day was a new struggle, a new problem, with very few comforts and even less hope. Growing up in the crowded and very impoverished nation of India, Vaddempudi has been no stranger to struggles. Growing up in a family with many siblings who relied solely on the financial support of their mother would be difficult for anyone, especially somebody with Vaddempudi’s gifted mind. Never really becoming very well acquainted with his father, the responsibility of helping his mother maintain the house feel on Ramakrishna, as he was the oldest out of all of his siblings. As a result, Vaddempudi never really experienced a typical childhood, and instead spent most of his time taking on odd jobs to help feed his large family of brothers and sisters. Vaddempudi said though these times were difficult, he found strength to persevere through the little things, like reminding himself of how much he loved his family.

One of the main things that helped Ramakrishna Vaddempudi endure all of the hardships of the poverty stricken nation of India was when his mother scraped together enough money to buy Vaddempudi a computer. Vaddempudi recalls that she did it as a sort of formal thank you for always helping her to take care of his siblings. She also got the computer because she was aware of the opportunity it reperesented, and the hope it would give her children for a brighter future. This is what sparked Vaddempudi’s love for computers, and encouraged him to become a software developer. Later he would do just that, moving his family to America where they would enjoy all the comforts of a normal life fre from strain.