Ramakrishna Vaddempudi – Hard Times

Ramakrishna Vaddempudi was not always the professional software developer and tester that he is today. There was a time in Vaddempudi’s life where every day was a new struggle, a new problem, with very few comforts and even less hope. Growing up in the crowded and very impoverished nation of India, Vaddempudi has been no stranger to struggles. Growing up in a family with many siblings who relied solely on the financial support of their mother would be difficult for anyone, especially somebody with Vaddempudi’s gifted mind. Never really becoming very well acquainted with his father, the responsibility of helping his mother maintain the house feel on Ramakrishna, as he was the oldest out of all of his siblings. As a result, Vaddempudi never really experienced a typical childhood, and instead spent most of his time taking on odd jobs to help feed his large family of brothers and sisters. Vaddempudi said though these times were difficult, he found strength to persevere through the little things, like reminding himself of how much he loved his family.

One of the main things that helped Ramakrishna Vaddempudi endure all of the hardships of the poverty stricken nation of India was when his mother scraped together enough money to buy Vaddempudi a computer. Vaddempudi recalls that she did it as a sort of formal thank you for always helping her to take care of his siblings. She also got the computer because she was aware of the opportunity it reperesented, and the hope it would give her children for a brighter future. This is what sparked Vaddempudi’s love for computers, and encouraged him to become a software developer. Later he would do just that, moving his family to America where they would enjoy all the comforts of a normal life fre from strain.


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